General Medicine Department
General Medicine Department

We manage primary health care services. Our doctors consult with you, discuss your past medical history, habits, daily life-style to diagnose the root cause of your disease and start the treatment.

We have a big team of best doctors and specialists in all departments that have been working under the guidance of Dr. Kaushal Chundawat and Dr. Ajay Singh Chundawat since 1992.

ENT Specialists & Surgeons

We specialize in diagnosis & treatment of all kinds of diseases and/or problem-related to Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) of any person/age.

Sanjivani has top ENT specialists & surgeons in Udaipur that can consult you with the best advice & treatment for your problem. We have fully equipped lab so that all the required & suggested tests can be done itself there and time-consuming for you.

ENT Department
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Obstetrics & Gynaecology in Udaipur

We offer multidisciplinary services for women including Obstetrics & Gynaecology. A team of highly experienced and best Gynecologists in Udaipur that offer complete medical and health care services for a female during her pregnancy that includes pregnancy care, post-pregnancy care, childcare unit etc.

Our Gynecologists have years of experience and have expertise in dealing with a wide range of issues, including obstetrics, menopause, pregnancy and childbirth, normal delivery, IVF, infertility issues, hormone disorders, menstruation and others.

In addition, we manage high-risk pregnancy & 24 * 7 ICU and NICU services with a modern comprehensive diagnostic and treatment with fully facilitated and a caring environment for women.

Best Physiotherapy in Udaipur

Whether it is about backache, frozen shoulder pain, knee pain, heel pain, leg pain, headache, spondylosis, arthritis, bursitis, scoliosis or neck pain, Let our experts heel your pain!

We have been offering physiotherapy services since 1992 and have years of proven experience. Our team of best physiotherapist have in-depth knowledge about body parts and systems and specialized hands-on clinical work experience and skills to asses, diagnose and treat your body pain with the best experience and make you feel ease and comfortable as you were before.

Be assured to get the most competitive and best physiotherapy services with top-class equipment, machines, and other tools at Sanjivani hospital Udaipur.
If you or your loved one are looking for a physiotherapist, contact us.

Physiotherapy Department
Dentistry Care for Adult & Children
Dentistry Care for Adult & Children

Whether you are looking for a regular dental check-up or have any major teeth problem, you may visit Sanjivani Hospital. We offer all dental related problems for an adult or children including from regular dental check-ups to dental implants or any surgery.

Cavities, Gingivitis, Abscesses, pain, inability to use teeth are some of the common problems that can be either caused by food or bacteria and mainly found among children. We at Sanjivani Hospital, have a team of best dentists that will diagnose any of dentistry problems and treat you better with fully-facilitated lab, machines and other accessories.

Our experts can manage dental implant, cosmetic dentistry, gums treatment, root canal treatment, dental bridges, dental crown, dental fillings or scale & polish etc we deal with all. Contact us for any inquiry.

Paediatric Department
Paediatric Department