Sanjivani Hospital, Udaipur

Sanjivani hospital has been serving the city of Udaipur for the past 25 years. It was started on 12th December 1992 as a 5 bedded single specialty unit. With lots of efforts and hard work put in by Dr Kaushal and Dr Ajay Singh Chundawat and the entire sanjivani team during the past 25 years, it has gained the reputation of being a hospital that genuinely serves the align human needs. Sanjivani team strongly believes in its vision that is 'Ethical, affordable and quality healthcare for all'.

The hospital has expanded over the years and is highly known for its ethical and academically updated team of doctors. Sanjivani is a three storied, strongly structured, state-of-the-art building designed by a structural architect hence making it safe for ailing patients.

Sanjivani’s Vision

To provide ethical, affordable and quality care to all.

Sanjivani's Mission

A people centered organization serving patients through passion, innovation and quality. Believing that prevention is better than cure and promoting wellness.